Prince Harry Stripped of Counsellor of State Role After FC Eviction: Meghan’s Pleas Go Unanswered

Prince Harry’s expulsion from Frogmore Cottage is expected to have significant implications for his constitutional role in Britain. As he and Meghan Markle leave the property, it has been suggested that King Charles III sever the Duke’s constitutional ties to the country.

Today marked the deadline for the couple to leave their residence in Windsor, which has served as their base in the UK since their marriage in 2018.

However, without a replacement home in the UK, Harry finds himself unable to fulfill his role as Councilor of State.

This is a significant loss, as he theoretically had the right to act as councilor of state in the event of the king’s incapacity.

Current State Councilors include the Queen Consort, Prince of Wales, Duke of Sussex, Duke of York and Princess Beatrice. Last year, Charles offered to add his siblings, Princess Anne and Prince Edward, to the list to ensure the continued efficiency of public affairs during his downtime.

With Harry and Meghan no longer having Frogmore Cottage, they are expected to make a private deal with the King if they want to stay at any royal residence in the future.

Their departure from Frogmore Cottage, which has undergone a £2.4million renovation, came just days after Harry criticized his family in his book. The couple’s ongoing attacks on the Royal Family may not bode well for their brand, as there appears to be little hope of a reconciliation at the moment.

Harry’s constitutional position will only become relevant if he returns to Britain, though his current unpopularity makes it unlikely that he will be called upon to perform constitutional duties, even with the King’s backing.

The situation raises questions about the King’s willingness to strip the title from Sussex and his decision to bestow titles on their children.

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