Prince Harry Spotted Leaving Montecito in Furniture Truck Following Charity Trip, Divorce Finalized

Prince Harry’s divorce is now officially pronounced. Returning from a charity trip, he made an unusual departure from Montecito, setting off in a furniture truck. In addition to this surprising gesture, Prince Harry was seen leaving a gymnasium in Santa Barbara, after having sweated a lot.

The Duke of Sussex appeared to have engaged in a rigorous workout, which was quite unusual considering he lives in Montecito, yet he was spotted at a gym nearly an hour from his home.

Prince Harry, 38, wore an all-black outfit for his gym outing, including a t-shirt, shorts and trainers. He completed his casual look with a navy California hat emblazoned with the state flag’s grizzly bear emblem.

As usual, he adorned himself with a pile of bracelets and carried a box of water in a small green ball as he left the establishment. It should be noted that this gym is located near his home in Montecito and that of his wife Meghan Markle.

Prince Harry is well known for his athleticism, with a fondness for polo, rugby and football. So it’s no surprise that he’s sweating it out at the gym in Santa Barbara. He was returning from a charity polo match in Singapore.

What’s intriguing is that Prince Harry was seen at a gymnasium in another city, despite reports suggesting he now resides there. The San Ysidro ranch in Santa Barbara, available for rent for two years and which would have been sold in 2022, was associated with him. A convoy of vehicles, including a removals truck and several vans, has been spotted heading towards the San Ysidro Ranch, just hours after Prince Harry returned from his charity trip overseas.

Sources suggest his furniture from the Montecito mansion is being put into storage, while his personal effects are being moved to a new location. However, there is speculation that he may have forgotten some of his clothes.

Reports indicate that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are living apart, with Markle moving to San Ysidro Ranch and Prince Harry staying in hotels. If this information comes from journalists and experts in British royal affairs, it has not been publicly confirmed. has reported that Meghan Markle has filed for divorce, seeking a substantial $80 million settlement, custody of their two children and retention of her title as Duchess of Sussex.

Prince Harry’s decision to leave the British royal family and his homeland to move to the United States has garnered widespread sympathy. Earlier this month he took part in the Center Belt ISPS Honda Polo Cup at the Singapore Polo Club, a fundraiser for Center Bell, the charity he co-founded in 2006 with Prince Seeiso of Lesotho. This organization aims to empower children and young people affected by poverty, inequality, HIV and AIDS.

In July 2022, Nacho Figueres, Prince Harry’s polo teammate and Bell Center ambassador, described him as a very competitive player who excels in both polo and horse riding. He expressed his honor to be Prince Harry’s teammate.”

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