Prince Harry Showing Respect at His Own Expense

According to Victoria Richards, editor of The Independent, experts believe Prince Harry showed a lot of respect by attending the coronation.

Richards feels it is commendable that he showed up in the first place as many people would not have been able to handle the pressure.

She explains that it can be intimidating to have the whole world, as well as her family, staring at you, and she imagines it must have been difficult for Prince Harry to be seated in the third row, next to a distant cousin of the king, while his brother took center stage and embraced their father as part of the official oath of allegiance.

Richards also argues that Harry’s presence at his father’s special day proves that he shows great respect to his family, despite the personal discomfort it may have caused him.

She notes that lesser men wouldn’t have gone at all, and that people who blame her for betraying her family should reconsider.

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