Prince Harry Secretly Takes Kid to Live with Chelsy in UK, Seeking Normal Life Away from PR Stunt

Meghan Markle was shocked when Prince Harry secretly brought Kate to live with Chelsea in the UK, seeking a normal escape from his PR stunt. It seems that the desire for a normal life, along with pressure and control from Meghan, prompted Harry to bring the children back to England to live with his ex-girlfriend, Chelsea Davies.

Harry’s life in California with Lilibet and Archie has come under constant public scrutiny, and Meghan’s virtual popularity has taken its toll on the prince. Meghan and Harry share the goal of providing a normal life for their two children, Princess Olivia and Prince Archie, with an emphasis on play-based upbringing. Their £11million California mansion offers various areas games, including a climbing room.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, like the Prince and Princess of Wales, strive to give their children as normal a childhood as possible. Kate, in particular, wants to surround their children with a semblance of normalcy, having experienced the effects of royal life firsthand. However, the challenge is to keep their feet on the ground as they are inevitably exposed to the public due to their royal status.

Despite the challenges they face, a friend of Meghan and Harry said the couple are really happy together. They enjoy a quieter life in their Montecito home, cherishing small stages over big social events. Their new life in the $14.65 million estate is all about raising their children amid the serene lands.

Although there have been hiccups in their journey, including claims made in Harry’s book and a brief appearance at her father’s coronation in May, Meghan continues to receive strong support from royal fans. Some fans even think that Princess Diana would have preferred Chelsea Davey over Meghan for Harry.

Amidst it all, Meghan’s unwavering love for Harry is evident, with fans acknowledging her commitment despite the mistakes or mistakes. Their journey continues as they struggle to balance their royal status with the desire for a normal family life.

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