Prince Harry saddened as King Charles walks past him at Coronation

On Saturday May 6, during the coronation ceremony at Westminster Abbey, Prince Harry had a moving moment of “sadness” as his father, King Charles, walked past him.

Although he arrived from the UK on May 5 to support his father, Prince Harry sat in the third row of the Abbey and ruled out important moments such as the coronation procession and the appearance from the balcony of the palace of Buckingham.

As King Charles walked down the Abbey after the holy ceremony, Prince Harry watched from the third row and, according to body language expert Darren Stanton, looked “sad” in his facial expressions.

Prince Harry is saddened as King Charles walks past him at coronation

Stanton noted that while Prince Harry showed signs of pride in his father, he also seemed to experience feelings of nostalgia as he looked on from the outside.

Stanton also observed that during the ceremony, Prince Harry appeared slightly out of step with everyone and was seen adjusting his sleeves as a calming gesture.

This was likely due to the emotional nature of the event and Prince Harry’s desire to feel more connected and reassured. Despite these emotional moments, Prince Harry’s presence at the coronation was a clear demonstration of his support and love for his father on this historic occasion.

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