Prince Harry Removes Meghan’s Mom from Residence Amid Allegations of Doria Mishandling His Private BetterUp Salary

Prince Harry removes Meghan’s mother from his residence amid accusations that Doria mismanaged her BetterUp private salary. Prince Harry recently made headlines when he kicked Meghan Markle’s mother, Doria Ragland, out of his home.

The move comes amid allegations that Doria mismanaged Harry’s private income from his role as impact director at mental health firm BetterUp. While Doria was seen at a charity event alongside Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian, her actions at the event drew criticism from Lady Colin Campbell, who questioned why a member of the royal family s associated with the reality TV family.

Speculation has arisen that Meghan and Doria are exploring the possibility of placing Prince Harry under conservatorship, similar to that attempted by the Kardashians in their divorce proceedings from Kanye West. However, experts say such a move is unlikely to succeed given the royal family’s considerable influence and resources.

Rumors surrounding Doria’s involvement in Harry and Meghan’s affairs have raised questions about financial matters. Some sources suggest Harry receives a substantial seven-figure salary from BetterUp despite not actively working for the company. Rumor has it Harry suspected Doria of embezzling his earnings, which may have been a factor in his eviction from his Montecito home.

As speculation swirls about Doria’s role in the ongoing drama surrounding the Sussexes, social media users have been sharing their thoughts and suspicions. Some believe Doria could ultimately meet the same fate as others close to Meghan, with her service possibly coming to an end after the divorce. Speculation about Doria’s background and potential involvement in illicit activities has also surfaced, with some suggesting she may be holding valuable cards that could impact Meghan’s story.

Even though Meghan and Doria’s relationship remains at the center of the ongoing saga, their dynamic could change in unexpected ways, with potential consequences for both parties involved.

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