Prince Harry Refuses to Endorse Meghan Markle’s New Plan

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have stirred up rumors with rumors of their impending departure from their Montecito mansion. It looks like Prince Harry might put the brakes on Meghan Markle’s plans to move to Malibu, as reported by a recent publication.

After the Duke and Duchess of Sussex found solace in Montecito following their departure from the royal family in the United Kingdom, they have reportedly set their sights on a new destination to fulfill their aspirations. An $18 million Malibu residence seemed to be in their sights, but now their plans appear to be on hold.

The royal couple is making headlines with their house-hunting mission, eyeing an $8 million plot of land in a California city. Their ambitious plan includes building a lavish 10,000 square foot mansion, a project estimated to cost $10 million.

However, it seems that Prince Harry, the youngest son of King Charles III, is not entirely on board with this venture. Sources say he tried to “sabotage” those plans.

In a surprising twist, Meghan and Harry recently embarked on a journey through the bustling streets of New York. The Duke of Sussex is now reported to have strong interest in moving to the Big Apple, citing his fondness for the city’s fast pace, rich culture and vibrant social scene.

Plus, there’s a practical aspect to this potential move. Harry imagines that residing in New York would make it easier for him to visit his family in London. A close source shared his view, saying: “Harry was all excited about the move to Malibu a few months ago. Yes, it was Meghan’s idea, but he was excited about the idea. It’s “Strange that now he wants to leave this California life and suggests they buy a place in New York instead. It’s almost like he’s trying to sabotage things because it doesn’t make any logical sense,” as reports Heat magazine.

Meghan, meanwhile, still hopes to stay close to Los Angeles to find work opportunities. She travels to Los Angeles for meetings “several times a week” and anticipates her workload will increase as their projects go into production.

Face-to-face interactions are crucial for Meghan as she strives to build “meaningful” relationships, which is no doubt made easier by their proximity to Hollywood. However, she also understands Harry’s desire to reconnect with his family and friends.

Another source provides further insight into Prince Harry’s stance, saying: “Harry won’t always say yes to Meghan as he has changed his mind and will focus on his charitable works in the future.”

The couple’s changing plans continue to capture the public’s attention, leaving many eager to see where their next chapter will take them.

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