Prince Harry proves he ‘can always get more irritating

Prince Harry managed to constantly increase his level of irritation, despite his complete exile. Fans are completely stunned by his unparalleled arrogance as he continues to outdo himself in this regard. Notably, author Jane Atkinson shared her take on Prince Harry’s behavior.

Jane kicked off the conversation by pointing out Prince Harry’s nonchalant ability to exceed everyone’s expectations when it comes to being irritating. She wondered if we had to get used to her monumental arrogance, as reported by The Sun.

Jane further suggested that before Prince Harry makes another brief visit to his home country to make controversial statements, he should take a long and hard look at his own life. It should be noted that he has estranged himself from almost all of his family members and has yet to meet his stepfather, despite living in exile.

However, Prince Harry still tries to portray himself as a member of the royal family whenever it suits him.

Additionally, it is important to mention that his life seems to revolve around the continued expression of his displeasure with perceived injustices in the past. These comments and criticisms emerged in response to Prince Harry’s ongoing High Court trial, which involves allegations of hacking.

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