Prince Harry Officially Kicked Out of Slimmed-Down Monarchy

King Charles is losing patience with Prince Harry. Over the years, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have caused a stir within the royal family, and it seems even the king himself has reached his breaking point.

According to The Times Royal Editor Roya Nikkhah, those close to King Charles say he is growing increasingly infuriated with his youngest son. The source reveals that the King frequently brings up Harry in conversations and expresses his sadness and bewilderment.

However, there is now additional frustration with Harry’s continued behavior which seems to defy the expectations and responsibilities of being a member of the royal family.

Recently, Prince Harry returned to London to give evidence in one of his many ongoing court cases. While in the courtroom, he openly criticized the British government, saying he had hit rock bottom. This public display did not impress palace insiders.

A source familiar with Harry said he appears to have lost his understanding of how to conduct himself as a member of the Royal Family. The source points out that there is no one around him to guide or advise him on what he can and cannot say, leading to embarrassing situations for Harry and the British Monarchy.

It is reported that the Palace finds Harry’s behavior extremely difficult and uncomfortable to deal with. Despite his desire to separate from the institution, one cannot completely detach himself from their royal identity.

His comments raised eyebrows not just within the Palace but also in Westminster, as they were unnecessary to the core of his case. The lack of discretion and careful consideration in his public statement reflects poorly on Harry and Britain as a whole.

Former royal aides who once stood up for Harry and Meghan also expressed concern. They acknowledged that the couple had taken their relationship with the media to the limit, but even they are surprised by Harry’s actions. The strain caused by these events has strained the relationship between Harry and Meghan and those who were once their staunchest supporters.

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