Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Snubbed from Queen’s Memorial Event

As the whole family prepares to pay their respects on September 8, the Sussexes’ conspicuous absence has raised eyebrows and sparked heated debate. Experts say it might be best for everyone involved if Harry and Meghan didn’t attend, but let’s unpack the real implications of the move.

According to sources, there has been no outreach to invite the Sussexes, and one can’t help but wonder if the ongoing rift with the Royal Family is playing a part in their exclusion. We all remember the bombshell ITV interview where Harry voiced his grievances over the way he felt treated during the Queen’s death, and it seems those words linger in the corporate mind .

Additionally, the Sussexes have faced a host of challenges in recent months, including the loss of their Spotify contract and declining popularity in the UK and US. Their behavior in interviews and the revelations in Harry’s memoir ‘Spare’ have no doubt shaken trust within the royal family. But is this decision really better for everyone involved?

While it may provide temporary relief from potential tensions, it also reinforces the deepening of the rift within the family. Shouldn’t the first anniversary of the Queen’s death be an opportunity to reconcile and unite as a family? The timing is also remarkable, as the Sussexes will be in Europe to kick off the 2023 Invictus Games, just a few minutes flight from the Royal Family. It seems like a chance to come together and remember the Queen as family.

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