Prince Harry Launches Scathing Attack on Camilla Amidst Feud with Prince William

In Sony’s memoir, which was released earlier this year, Prince Harry didn’t hesitate to launch a scathing attack on Camilla.

He accused her of being a mean mother-in-law and a dangerous villain, saying there were bodies in the streets. These are harsh words and they reveal a deep animosity between Harry and his stepmother.

While Queen Camilla, the consort, may find herself embroiled in this feud, a close friend assures us that she is unaffected by it.

According to the friend, Camilla has a philosophy of letting things calm down. She believes in the old adage “Time heals all wounds”. Camilla is known for her stoicism and remarkable sense of humor, which carried her through difficult times.

However, Harry’s accusations against Camilla go beyond mere disagreements. He recalls an incident where a story involving Prince William was leaked to the press, allegedly by Camilla. This incident infuriated William, and he believes Camilla and her people were behind it all. The fracture caused by these events is deep and it seems that reconciliation is far from imminent.

Even the recent coordination of King Charles and Queen Camilla couldn’t bring the family together. Despite moments of genuine cooperation before the ceremony, Harry returned to the United States immediately after the service at Westminster Abbey, without speaking to either King Charles or Prince William. The tension remains palpable.

The emergence of a letter written by Meghan expressing concern about unconscious bias within the Royal Family has further exacerbated the strained relationship. It seems hopes of reconciliation have been dashed so far.

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