Prince Harry injures himself badly while playing Spare

Prince Harry injured himself “very badly” while playing Spare, according to recent reports. However, that’s not the only issue that has arisen recently with the Duke of Sussex.

His next memoir, also titled Spare, was criticized by royal commentator Jonathan Sacerdoti. Sacerdoti believes the memoirs have done “a terrible disservice” to Prince Harry’s own brand and his relationship with the rest of society.

Responding to Prince Harry’s allegations, Sacerdoti claims the memoir caused more harm to the Duke of Sussex than expected.

Sacerdoti says sharing personal information and stories has sometimes made Prince Harry look ‘mean’, citing an example of Prince Harry complaining his house at Kensington Palace was dark due to a staff member being parked of Queen too close to the windows. Sacerdoti suggests that similar complaints would not be well received by those who do not live in a palace.

While the memoirs have potentially damaged the Royal Family, Sacerdoti claims they have also done “a lot of damage” to Prince Harry and Meghan themselves.

Sacerdoti suggests the Palace may not respond, hoping the damage to Prince Harry and Meghan’s reputations will be greater than the damage to the Royal Family.

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