Prince Harry Furious as Meghan Markle Blames Archewell Tax Scam & Stolen Money on Him in New Video

In recent months there has been speculation about tensions in Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s relationship, but in their last appearance they presented a united front. The couple appeared in an Archewell video update to congratulate members of the Archewell Foundation who received the Youth Power Fund Advisory Board for their efforts in building a better online world.

They seemed all smiles and excitement during the phone call with the chosen innovators and activists. However, body language expert Judy James pointed to potential tension between the couple.

As they maintained their double act mark, subtle changes in their body language were noticeable. Harry’s demeanor seemed to change as the clip progressed, going from a more submissive and excited tone to a more assertive and serious tone when discussing the purpose of their work.

There was no overt display of affection between Harry and Meghan in the clip, and Megan’s signature eye contact and adoring face gazing at Harry was not apparent. Some rumors suggested Meghan was trying to pass all tax-related matters onto Harry during the brand split, absolving herself of any liability.

Prince Harry’s team reportedly advised him to focus on individual projects rather than being seen as part of ‘Brand Sussex’. There are insinuations that the couple’s relationship could be on rocky ground, with Megan trying to maintain control over royal money-making opportunities.

Reports of Megan being kicked out of Invictus and her involvement in projects in Africa are seen as distractions and excuses. Sources say companies like Dior and Spotify walked away from the couple due to negative comments and issues with Megan’s actions.

Judy James concluded that while the couple presented a united front, there were subtle signs of potential tension, particularly in Megan’s profile smile and Harry’s body language. The situation remains under scrutiny as the public interest continues to monitor their relationship and professional endeavours.

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