Prince Harry Fumes as Sir Magdi Snubs Him, Praises Diana for Teaching William Well: Big Fail!

As Sir Magdi Yacoub openly praises Princess Diana for her exceptional parenting skills in instilling the fundamental virtues of empathy in Prince William, pointedly excluding Prince Harry from the conversation, Prince Harry is furious. Harry is believed to have failed miserably in this regard.

Prince Harry is currently under public scrutiny due to the circumstances. It’s becoming increasingly clear that Princess Diana placed a high value on empathy, especially when teaching her eldest son, Prince William, important life lessons.

She instilled in him a deep understanding and compassion for the struggles of others. In contrast, King Charles has expressed disappointment in his youngest son, Prince Harry, for his numerous public interviews regarding private family matters. These revelations have deeply troubled the British monarch, as well as his wife, Meghan, formerly known as Meghan Markle, who have both faced their share of injustices within the Royal Institution.

Author Tom Quinn, known for works like “Guilded Youth” and an in-depth history of his childhood within the royal family, shed light on these tensions through conversations with people who had close relationships with Meghan and Harry during their stay in England. Quinn also interviewed people who worked closely with Prince William and his wife Kate. These conversations revealed a stark contrast between private family tensions and the public facade of unity.

There is notable resentment from King Charles towards the Duke of Sussex, particularly in response to allegations that Prince William assaulted Prince Harry. This accusation not only angered William, but also exacerbated the reservations of the entire royal family.

Conversely, Lord Magdi, a close friend of Princess Diana, has publicly emphasized the importance of empathy, which she believes Diana instilled in Prince William. This enduring trait, a genuine understanding and shared concern for people’s difficulties, is seen as a quality that will potentially make him an exceptional future king. She, however, refrained from discussing Prince Harry’s role or his character, leaving Harry in a somewhat isolated position.

From her perspective, Harry’s actions were seen as selfish, often exploiting his mother’s inheritance for personal financial gain. Therefore, some perceive him as a traitor who betrayed both his family and his country, thereby renouncing his royal status.

The passing of Princess Diana was a profound loss that affected not only Harry, William and Charles, but also many nieces, nephews and friends. For Harry, his loss is a pain he has long associated as the most significant, potentially contributing to his ongoing emotional struggles. Additionally, Harry’s belief that Meghan bears a striking resemblance to his mother fueled his paranoia, seeking validation from his maternal family regarding this resemblance.

In the documentary series “The Me You Can See,” Harry expressed his belief that the British press would not cease its relentless scrutiny until Meghan’s death. This series was released following Oprah Winfrey’s tell-all interview, which laid bare the complex dynamics within the Sussex family and their apparent desire for retaliation against the royal family.

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