Prince Harry Faces Backlash as Crowd Boos Him for Allegedly Disrespecting Autistic Child at Canucks Game

Amid a grisly incident, Prince Harry faced crowd disapproval when he allegedly made a disrespectful gesture towards an autistic child at the Canucks game. In recent appearances, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry showed off their dance moves. The Sussexes attended the Vancouver Canucks’ game against the San Jose Sharks in Vancouver, Canada, on Monday evening. Meghan has been a fan of the team for years, dating back to her time in Toronto while filming the popular TV show “Suits.”

During the game, when the Canucks scored a goal, Prince Harry got up and started dancing, with Meghan following suit and showing off her own grooves. However, this demonstration attracted criticism from some spectators. A clip shared on Twitter showed Meghan clapping and dancing before looking up, which some thought was true on the big screen. Critics described her dancing as awkward and embarrassing, suggesting that she seemed self-conscious and always seeking attention on the big screen.

One Twitter user commented with a rolling eye emoji, saying: “The chick thinks she can dance. This is really embarrassing. She’s always looking for herself on the big screen.” Another reviewer wrote: “A 42 year old woman acting like a child on screen. Pathetic. My God, Meghan Markle just doesn’t know how to dance. Didn’t her dad pay for the lessons dance? I guess they were just as successful.” like her acting classes.” Yet another said, “She looks so awkward and definitely looks out of place, and the women behind her think so too,” along with several emojis with faces filled with tears of joy.

Unfortunately, these incidents overshadowed what was supposed to be an evening of celebration for autism acceptance and a generous $2.2 million donation for programs for autistic children. The anthem singer that night was autistic, but it was reported that Harry and Meghan appeared to make the event all about them. There were even accusations that Harry stole the puck-throwing moment from an autistic child, distracting from autism awareness. Some spectators felt that Meghan dancing during an autism awareness event was inappropriate, suggesting that a true philanthropist would have refused the faceoff but made a substantial donation instead.

NHL star Thomas Hertl later shared his experience meeting Prince Harry, revealing that he had to repeatedly tell Harry to drop the puck because he kept holding it and smile. Hertl said he will remember that moment, as Harry stood there, smiling and reluctant to let go of the puck. It was obvious that Prince Harry loved being in the spotlight and enjoying the attention of the cameras as he interacted with NHL players. Rick Tocchet, the Canucks head coach, even mentioned punching Harry, although it was unclear if that was standard protocol.

Body language expert Judy James observed that Prince Harry’s playful face-off signaled a return to a more relaxed and jovial attitude. Her mischievous smile and her own version of the royal wave indicated her ease in public places. James claimed that Harry’s appearance at the ice hockey match appeared to be a deliberate decision to cement his enduring royal status in the United States, demonstrating his enthusiasm for rituals and public appearances, much like his late grand- mother, Queen Elizabeth.

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