Prince Harry Expresses Anger as Meghan Markle Ditches Him for Controversial Hollywood Comeback: ‘I’m Out!

It seems that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, or “fake royals” as I like to call them, are struggling to establish their worth in the post-royal era. Forgive my frankness for being direct, but what exactly was their initial value? Meghan, a 42-year-old actress, isn’t exactly a Hollywood mainstay, to put it bluntly, and Harry, well, what is he doing? I mean, other than being born into royalty. A controversy that has been perplexing for years.

Now let’s talk about the whole ruse of demonstrating their value. Both individuals are currently unemployed, and even if they had a job, they would hardly deserve the prestigious title of Employee of the Month. If I had to categorize them, I would choose professional public relations, because it seems their only strong point is manipulating narratives and exploiting weak ones.

Let’s move on to the grand delusion that the royal family is no longer needed. Indeed, indeed! Because the last time I checked, the wretched rug featured a photo of Harry and Meghan in front of their residence with the royal crest. Indeed, it is the royal logo. So, do they really not need the royals, or are they just trying to persuade us that they no longer value the perks?

Additionally, it is worth noting their recent participation in a hockey match, during which they received the royal badge inscribed under their name. Why adhere to the badges if they have progressed considerably? Comparable to ending a romantic relationship while wearing the class ring. Everyone, keep going.

Meghan is shown in the photo looking at Harry with a fake smile, while Harry appears to prefer to be elsewhere. This is the juicy part. Comparable to a negative soap opera scenario. However, what caught my attention was the alleged bodyguard protecting Meghan, not Kevin Costner. Observe his face; he seems to be madly in love with Meghan and wants her to consider him as she does Harry. Beyond the rumors of infidelity, this appears to be a tragic love triangle involving Meghan, Harry and the bodyguard – a three-way relationship beyond the depths of a Shakespearean tragedy.


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