Prince Harry Confronts Kelly Osbourne For Calling Him ‘Whining F^^^ing Tw^t’

Kelly Osbourne doesn’t keep her views on Prince Harry to herself. Her podcast I’ve Had It, which debuted June 20, featured the TV personality with Jennifer Welch and Angie “Pump” Sullivan. Kelly spoke on the talk show about her feelings for the 38-year-old prince, as well as her own experiences with relapse.

“I think Harry is a [expletive], to be honest. He whines, whines, complains ‘Woe to me, I’m the only one who ever had mental problems, my life was so hard.’ Everyone’s life is hard. You are the prince of the country who dressed up as a Nazi and now you are trying to come back as a pope. Suck it, no,” she said.

It’s telling that Kelly felt completely comfortable saying this given that a mother was fired for simply saying she didn’t believe Piers Morgan was a racist. People are no longer afraid to criticize Harry and Meghan. What a change it was impossible three years ago, but look at them now. Nobody is afraid of them or respects them, and it is because of their own action. The Royal Family knew exactly what they were doing by keeping them quiet.

“We’re so close. South Park was the beginning of the end. Then the coronation came and went with Harry as a footnote. Then the New York fiasco ridiculed them and sent them underground. Then he Been roasted for his litigation and low smug IQ appearance Dropped by Netflix, dropped by Spotify and called out to be a hypocritical scammer.

Harry makes appearances for veterans who aren’t thrilled to see him. She goes on pop walks, planting ridiculous stories that have no chance of unfolding. Neither of them actually work. The children are missing. What happened to Sharon was complete [expletive]. She shouldn’t have lost her job. It has since been established that Sharon and Piers were both accurate, but Harry and Meghan have never expressed regret. They should have, but they weren’t,” the article read.

Almost two years after being kicked out of CBS’s The Talk, Sharon Osbourne told ITV that her defense of Piers Morgan in the Meghan Markle saga led to her being canceled and blacklisted in America: “They say blacklisting doesn’t exist in America, but I’m living proof that it is. I was born suddenly. It’s not that I have resentment or anything, it’s just a fact of life. It happens, doesn’t it?

Osborne pleaded for Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan in March 2021 after The Talk panel blasted his views on Meghan Markle’s Oprah interview as racist and sexist. She got a lot of threats and things like that. “It’s like I can look in the mirror and I know I can speak, and I speak loudly. I know that from myself. But I’ve never spoken with hate and I stand up for my friends. And that’s what I was doing. I know who I am,” she said.

What started as defending a friend turned into a heated discussion between Osborne and host Cheryl Underwood. As a result of this exchange, Osborne lost his job on The Talk. “Piers Morgan felt that Meghan was making up stories.

He was called a racist, and because I supported him, I was also called a racist,” Osborne recently said. But losing a job was just the beginning of the backlash she received. She also said she received numerous death threats, prompting her to hire 24-hour security.

Considering that the Harry and Meghan debacle caused people to lose their jobs, it’s gratifying to see them being let down by Spotify, losing a deal with Netflix, and appearing to be let down by Netflix as well. They deserve everything that will happen to them in the future.

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