Prince Harry Catches Meghan Markle Cheating with Bodyguard Chris Sanchez: Regrets ‘Stupid Decision

The royal world is abuzz with shocking revelations and speculation, as rumors swirl about Meghan Markle potentially starring in a remake of the iconic film, The Bodyguard.

However, this rumor was not well received by Kinsey Schofield, a devout Royal Watcher. The news comes amid jaw-dropping criticism and mockery directed at the Sussexes in recent weeks, perhaps serving as a taste of their own medicine.

Kinsey Schofield has expressed frustration that Meghan Markle, once a staple cable actress, is being considered for a role originally envisioned for the late Princess Diana.

The casting rumors have angered many, with some calling them blasphemous and others calling Meghan and Harry traitors. Spotify even canceled them, while Samantha Markle sued her sister Meghan for defamation.

The idea of ​​Meghan Markle potentially being cast as the sequel to The Bodyguard has been met with strong opposition. Kinsey Schofield has spoken out passionately against the rumor, saying it offended her beyond comprehension. She flatly rejected the idea that Kevin Costner would personally contact Meghan for the role.

Interestingly, it was reported that Kevin Costner once approached Princess Diana for the lead role in the original film, The Bodyguard, which starred the late Whitney Houston and became a huge box office hit. However, Princess Diana declined the offer, creating a memorable part of Hollywood history.

Amid these rumors are swirling allegations of Meghan’s involvement with bodyguard Chris Sanchez, who previously worked with former US Presidents George Bush and Barack Obama. Sanchez became Meghan’s bodyguard after she and Harry moved to the US, but reports of an affair have cast a shadow over the Sussexes’ relationship.

Harry, in a UK courtroom, admitted to regretting some decisions and mistakes that had been made publicly, although he did not elaborate on specifics. Meanwhile, Meghan seems determined to show the world she can handle things on her own, by attending public events without Prince Harry.

As speculation escalates and Meghan’s talent agency urges her to establish herself as a solo actor, the couple’s Emmy nomination for their Netflix docu-series adds to the turmoil. The Sussexes are facing increasing challenges and criticism, leaving many wondering about the future of their brand and public image.

In this storm of controversy and rumour, it remains to be seen how Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will navigate the complexities of their public and private lives. The drama surrounding the royal couple continues to captivate the world, keeping the media and the Royal Watchers on their toes.

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