Prince Harry Appears ‘Unusually Tense’ Ahead of Possible Meeting with King Charles

Prince Harry recently caught the eye with his latest photos taken during a day out in California. The Duke of Sussex, who is due to return to the UK next month, appears significantly less relaxed than one might expect ahead of his trip.

According to body language expert Judi James, who shared her insights with, one would assume that a strenuous workout at the gym would be the perfect way for Harry to get rid of stress before the trip.

However, his body language suggests that he is still quite tense, despite his slightly rosy face, implying that he could have been training vigorously.

James points out that Harry’s facial expressions look unusually strained in these photos. His eyes appear to move from side to side, his eyebrows are furrowed, and he exhibits an exaggerated, lip-biting demeanor, indicating his heightened anxiety.

She expands, noting that while we’ve seen Harry suck his lips in before or even place his upper teeth on top of the lower lip, in these footage it looks like his upper teeth are biting into his entire lower lip, along with the corners of his teeth. mouth facing upward, suggesting a deeper level of tension.

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