Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Popularity Plummets After Shocking On-Air Exposé of Their Controversial Behavior

In an exclusive reveal covering both the UK and US, it has become clear that Prince William and Kate, Princess of Wales, have maintained remarkably high approval ratings. This resilience can be attributed to their “keep calm and carry on” approach to the shocking allegations made by the Sussexes. In the ever-changing world of Royal Dynamics, a stark contrast has emerged over the past year.

While Prince William and Kate, Princess of Wales, have seen their popularity reach new heights, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have seen a notable decline in their audiences. The Prince and Princess of Wales wasted no time in making their mark after taking up their new roles in September last year. Surprisingly, their decision to remain silent in response to the allegations made against them by Harry and Meghan has only strengthened their public image.

Unlike their counterparts, William and Kate refrained from responding to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s Netflix documentary series, “Harry and Meghan,” as well as Harry’s deeply personal memoir. Instead, they adopted the quintessential British approach of “keep calm and carry on”. This strategy not only garnered broad public support, but also protected them from excessive media scrutiny.

Public relations expert Edward Quorum James weighed in on their approach, noting that the Princess of Wales has remained relatively free from controversy for years, unlike the Duchess of Sussex, whose popularity rating in took a hit. Kate has kept a low profile, working diligently on charitable causes and avoiding unnecessary drama. Even Megan’s decision to skip Prince Harry’s Invictus Games opening ceremony to spend time with her children sparked controversy.

On the other hand, Kate’s response to the Sussexes’ comments gave her more leeway to miss events. Their recent decision to skip the William’s Earthshot Prize summit in New York to stay in England with their three children underlines their commitment to family.

A recent YouGov poll of 2,020 British adults conducted in early September found that 74% of respondents have a favorable opinion of Prince William, and a staggering 62% have a favorable opinion of the Princess of Wales. Similarly, a survey by US pollsters Redfield and Wilton yielded similar results, positioning Kate as the most loved royal with a net approval rating of plus 35, surpassing William at plus 24 and Harry at plus 22.

In a year filled with turbulence and controversy, Prince William and Kate’s unwavering dedication to their duties and calm demeanor in the face of adversity have solidified their status as beloved figures in the public eye. Meanwhile, the spotlight on Harry and Megan continues to dim.

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