Prince Harry and Meghan Markle: City’s Biggest Publicity Seekers

Recently, experts slammed Prince Harry for allegedly making up stories to gain sympathy over his mother’s death. They strongly advised him not to “create such narratives out of sympathy”, referring to the New York car chase incident.

Douglas Murray, a commentator, brought these allegations against Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to public attention. He discussed the matter with the New York Post, saying: “You may have heard of Harry and Meghan’s big night out in town. Accounts of their time here differ.”

According to the couple, they endured an “almost disastrous” two-hour car chase with paparazzi chasing them relentlessly. However, Murray points out that “every New Yorker knows that any kind of car chase – let alone a two-hour chase – is literally impossible in this city.”

He remarks that while sitting in traffic for two hours is plausible, racing through town is not. New Yorkers can easily dismiss this claim as false, and now there are images to back up their skepticism.

Curiously, the video shows their vehicle moving so slowly that the driver even got out at one point. Murray questions the reason for lying about such an incident. While it’s natural for Harry to fear paparazzi and car chases, there’s no need to make up stories to gain sympathy for his mother’s death.

Murray concludes: “In the world of Harry and Meghan, nothing can happen without drama, exaggeration and lies. They are the most privacy-seeking publicity seekers this town has ever seen.”

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