Prince Harry and Meghan Face ‘Disaster’ After Spotify Deal Collapse

Prince Harry and Meghan’s future plans face ‘disaster’ after Spotify deal collapses, royal experts warn

The prospects of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been hit hard, as royal experts predict imminent ‘disaster’ for their upcoming plans. The cancellation of Meghan’s Archetypes podcast after just one season by Spotify has fueled speculation that the couple’s empire is collapsing.

Angela Levin, a renowned royal expert, expressed her belief that any future collaboration between the couple would be doomed. “Their value has gone down significantly,” she told The Sun Online. Additionally, Richard Fitzwilliams criticized the termination of the Spotify deal as a “shocking failure”. He further pointed out that the original plan involved producing multiple seasons, which made the result of a single series clearly disappointing. The failure of this partnership indicates a lack of mutual benefit.

Confirming the podcast’s cancellation, Archewell Audio, the couple’s content creation label, released a joint statement with Spotify. He said, “Spotify and Archewell Audio have amicably agreed to part ways and are proud of the series we’ve created together.” Levin interpreted the development as a sign of the decline of the couple’s empire, saying, “People are getting tired of them.”

Recent reports suggest Harry and Meghan will refrain from further revealing interviews as they believe they have exhausted their narrative. An insider remarked, “This chapter of their life is closed, there is nothing more to say.” Instead, the pair intend to focus on behind-the-scenes roles in their Netflix ventures, particularly in creating lighthearted films like romantic comedies.

Levin criticized the change, calling it a “disastrous idea”. She explained: “They announced that they would no longer discuss the Royal Family and now wanted to work behind the camera, but it’s a disaster. People don’t care about the producer or the editor; they want the stars. If they step out of the limelight, public interest will wane. Also, Meghan lacks experience in such a role and is known to be difficult to work with.”

Fitzwilliams suggested that to prevent their empire from collapsing, Harry and Meghan need to provide more content for Netflix. He remarked: “Losing the Spotify deal is a major setback. We’ll have to wait and see how difficult the situation becomes. The collapse of the Spotify deal puts their other three deals, including Netflix and Random House, under review. So far, they’ve delivered very little to Netflix.”

In summary, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle face a rocky road, with their future plans in danger of falling apart after their Spotify deal collapsed. Royal experts are warning their empire is under threat, and the couple’s decision to retreat from the spotlight and focus on behind-the-scenes roles could further contribute to their decline in popularity.

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