Prince Harry and Meghan at ‘Low Point’ Over ‘Inconsistencies’ in Their ‘Truth’

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle appear to be facing a decline in popularity as they have become the butt of mockery from comedians.

Their struggle to maintain a positive public image was highlighted by royal expert Daniela Elser in her column for

Elser points out that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, who were once considered highly influential figures, have now become frequent targets for jokes in comedy routines.

According to Elser, their downward trajectory began after their “most devastating royal insider interview with Oprah Winfrey in March 2021,” where they shared their side of the story. Elser points out that in previous years, particularly in 2020 and 2021, things seemed to be going well for the Sussexes.

They have lucrative deals with big companies like Netflix, Spotify, BetterUp, Ethic, and Penguin Random House. These agreements portrayed them as bold truth-tellers, exposing the shortcomings of the royal family.

However, over time, inconsistencies in their stories began to emerge, revealing that they basically repeated the same script every time they appeared in public. The impact of their revelations diminished with each repetition, gradually losing their shock value and public interest.

Consequently, their standing in the public eye plummeted. Elser notes that it’s intriguing how Harry and Meghan have gone from highly influential individuals to becoming the butt of jokes in just three years.

Elser points out that it’s not just the upper class or exclusive club members having fun at their expense. Prominent comedians such as Chris Rock, Trevor Noah, Jimmy Kimmel and Chelsea Handler all joined in to poke fun at the couple. The height of ridicule was reached when the animated series South Park devoted an entire episode to mercilessly mocking them.

The popularity of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle took a hit as they became the butt of jokes from comedians. Their decline in public favor can be attributed to their repetitive storyline and waning impact, resulting in significant loss of influence in a relatively short period of time. Their situation provided fodder for both personalities and comedians, resulting in widespread mockery of the couple.

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