Prince Harry Accused of Trampling on King Charles, Labeled ‘Spotify’s Least Useful Hire’

According to royal commentator and expert Daniela Elser, Prince Harry has been accused of showing hypocrisy and disrespect to King Charles and the rest of his family.

Elser points out that Harry’s recent efforts to defend his own privacy have come at the expense of his family’s privacy and reputation, despite their clear desire to stay out of his ongoing public disputes.

Elser notes the irony in Harry’s pursuit of privacy while simultaneously ignoring his family’s right to privacy, describing his actions as “really something else”.

She also criticizes Harry’s role as a hire for Spotify, saying he has been the company’s “least useful” addition.

Despite the frequency of Harry’s actions, Elser admits that his repeated attempts to throw his family “under the bus” still manage to surprise her.

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