PR Stunt Amid Royal Race Row Backfires

Controversy erupted when the Dutch version of Omid Scobie’s “Endgame” dropped a bombshell, naming King Charles and Kate Middleton as the royals allegedly involved in discussions about Prince Archie’s skin tone. Megan’s explosive interview with Oprah in 2021 had sent shockwaves across the world, and now, with the book’s release, it appears the royal family’s private affairs are being laid bare for everyone to see. see them. Amid growing pressure for Harry and Megan to respond to the allegations, the Duchess of Sussex made her first public appearance since the scandal broke. And what was his big PR move? She wears a diamond bracelet that Charles gave her before her wedding. Sweet, Megan, really sweet.

From now on, the choice of this accessory is seen as a subtle demonstration of support for her father-in-law Charles. She had only worn it publicly twice in the past 18 months, both times seeming strategic – once at the 2022 Invictus Games and then on a hike in May. But here’s the thing: She debuted the bracelet the day before her royal wedding. Talk about doing everything you can to control the damage. However, Megan’s attempt to show solidarity with Charles may have come too late. The public is skeptical of this sudden show of support, especially given their consistent preference for Princess Diana’s gold bracelets and Cartier watch in previous appearances.

The diamond bracelet seemed like a hastily added accessory in a desperate attempt to change the narrative. The race scandal, which Megan and Harry had barely addressed since the Oprah interview, has now taken center stage, leaving the couple with no place to hide. Sources close to them say they never intended for those involved to be named publicly, but the allegations are now coming to the forefront.

Adding fuel to the fire, the book’s translator, Sasip Peters, refuted Scobie’s claim that there was a translation error, stating that the names were in black and white in the manuscript she received. Translation error or not, the fact remains that the royal family’s names were published in the Dutch edition, and that’s a situation Megan can’t just sweep under the rug.

As the families of Charles and William engage in high-level discussions to deal with the aftermath, all options, including legal avenues, are said to be on the table. The palace source stresses that decisions will be made carefully and professionally, rather than rushed over a weekend.

So what’s the verdict on Megan’s latest move? A PR mistake of epic proportions. The Montecito booing incident and the theatrics of the diamond bracelet only amplify the growing skepticism surrounding Megan’s intentions and her attempts to control the narrative. Whether it’s a publicity stunt gone wrong or a real move, one thing is clear: the Megan Markle drama continues to unfold, and we’ll be here to keep you informed.

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