Piers Morgan Unseals Game-Changing New Evidence in Prince Harry’s Court Case

A gripping court drama that uncovered new evidence in Prince Harry’s ongoing legal battles.

While some headlines suggest Harry and Meghan will stop criticizing the Royal Family, it seems the battle is far from won.

Harry continues to take legal action against various media organisations, with five cases pending, including one against the newspapers of Rupert Murdoch’s press group for the collection of alleged illegal information.

Recently, Harry gave evidence in a trial against Mirror Group Newspapers, becoming the first high-ranking royal to sit on the witness stand since 1891.

His court appearance revealed a treasure trove of secrets and allegations about the royal family. Let’s explore some of the juiciest revelations to emerge from these lawsuits.

Piers Morgan, who has had a long-running feud with Harry and Meghan, is a prominent figure in Harry’s legal saga. In his witness statement, Harry accused Morgan and his reporters of spying on him and his mother, Princess Diana. The allegation of invasive surveillance and its impact on the lives of Harry and Meghan is truly shocking, raising questions about the media’s desire to exploit their privacy.

Additionally, the Daily Mail’s former royal editor, Jane Kerr, said Morgan would engage with the palace’s press offices and inject information into the stories. The revelation raises concerns about collaboration between the media and the royal establishment, blurring the lines between journalism and influence.

Additionally, Harry’s testimony revealed a pattern of suspicious activity on his mobile phone dating back to the late 1990s. Unreceived voicemails and strange glitches indicated potential phone hacking by reporters from the Mirror Group Newspaper. These allegations reinforce deep concerns about invasions of privacy and illegal practices within the media.

The legal battles have also highlighted Prince Harry’s concerns about the paparazzi’s treatment of his former partner Chelsea Davy. He alleged reporters from the Mirror Group Newspaper obtained his flight details to track his movements, leading to an aggressive chase that required the intervention of airport police. The relentless intrusion into their privacy has left the couple with no escape from media scrutiny.

In a stunning revelation, Prince Harry has accused Rupert Murdoch’s News Group newspapers of phone hacking and illegal news gathering spanning more than two decades. Harry claims a secret agreement between News Group Newspapers and his family prevented him from taking legal action sooner. He alleges the royal institution sought to avoid testifying about the intercepted communications, which delayed the pursuit of their claims. These allegations paint a picture of cover-up and collusion between the media and the royal establishment.

In his quest for justice, Prince Harry has faced resistance from the royal institution itself. He claims Buckingham Palace demanded he drop his legal actions because of their potential impact on the whole family. These alleged attempts to obstruct his pursuit of accountability highlight the complexities of power dynamics within the monarchy.

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