Petra Takes Aim at Meghan Markle, Accusing Her of Manipulative Editing to Portray a Negative Image and Blocking Chopard Deal

Petra posted content critical of Meghan Markle, leading to her being excluded from CH (probably Chopard) deals tied to the annual Cannes Film Festival. CH CEO, President and Creative Director Caroline Oola usually presents a fine jewelry collection on the red carpet with a number of diamonds equal to that of years of holding the film festival. This year, 72 original pieces inspired by the theme of love were presented.

PR influencer and model Petra Nemcova, a long-time ambassador of the brand, presented the new P collection in Cannes. She shared an illustrated book telling the story of a woman falling in love, marked by receiving flowers and a love letter from an admirer.

Jewelry featured in the book included extravagant necklaces with emeralds or sapphire earrings, flower-shaped brooches with pink opals and diamonds, and other exquisite items.

The article also mentions that Petra and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, had taken photos together at a social event while Meghan was still married to Prince Harry. Two models, Teresa Maxa and nutritionist Gabriela Peacock, appeared at the royal wedding, but Petra, who by then devoted herself to charity work, did not attend.

The source suggests that Petra and Meghan weren’t particularly close, which is why Petra declined the invitation to the royal wedding. An old photo of Meghan and Petra together has surfaced, showing Meghan digitally altering her body to appear more attractive than the model, likely contributing to their feud.

Since then, Meghan has not been sponsored or collaborated with CH for any of the royal collections. Additionally, Meghan was criticized for wearing extravagant diamond earrings, gifted by controversial Saudi Prince Muhammad bin Salman.

These earrings were purchased with inhumane money and caused concern given the high-profile involvement of the Saudi royal family in certain affairs. It is revealed that these gifts from foreign heads of state are generally considered Crown property under royal protocol, but Meghan was allowed to keep them. Nevertheless, they have been the subject of controversy and criticism due to their origin.


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