Omid Scobie Reveals Personal Relationship with Harry and Meghan

Omid Scobie, the author of ‘Finding Freedom’, gave personal insight into his relationship with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle during his testimony on day four of the Duke’s hearing against a British media group at the High Court from London.

Scobie, a journalist who had previously worked at Mirror Group Newspapers (MGN) as part of his work experience, revealed in court that he had become aware of “unethical” phone hacking practices during his time there.

Taking the witness stand on Monday, Meghan’s friend testified in the seven-week trial which involved the illegal acquisition of information from notable figures including Prince Harry. Scobie claimed he never personally listened to the private voicemails.

While Scobie is considered a friend of Meghan, he made it clear in court that he had no personal relationship with Prince Harry or Meghan. In response to a question about a potential “direct interest” in representing the Duke and Duchess of Sussex favorably to further his career, the author said he had never socialized with Prince Harry.

Scobie pointed out: “I don’t have a close relationship [with the Duke and
Duchess] personally,” when challenged by opposing counsel Green about his mention of a “close relationship” in his witness statement. other people to post it first so I don’t have to deal with Daily Mail articles saying it’s from me.”

Regarding the Sussexes’ treatment in their biography, “Finding Freedom”, Scobie acknowledged that it could be seen as supportive. However, when asked if his sympathies lay with the couple, he denied, saying: “Not necessarily. I think I had, especially earlier, deeper insights and access to sources than I had. others have not.” He further clarified that he obtained information not only from palace aides and sources.

Scobie reiterated: ‘I don’t know the Duke at this level, I don’t have his phone number, I’ve never socialized with him before’, highlighting the potential difficulties his testimony could pose for him. He expressed concern at being called the couple’s “spokesperson” or “cheerleader” by other media, saying, “What I’m doing here today is making my life harder.”


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