Nurses Expose Prince Harry’s Inhaling Gas Lie Copied from BBC Sitcom, Affirm Meghan Markle’s Labor Never Happened in Hospital

The recent revelation of Prince Harry’s story of inhaling gas during Meghan Markle’s labor has been questioned by nurses who say such an event would never be allowed in a hospital setting.

In his memoir, Harry described how he tried to calm his nerves when Archie was born by eating Nando’s chicken and inhaling laughing gas.

He also claimed that Meghan had bounced on a giant purple ball as part of her labor process. However, nurses say this story is simply not plausible and would pose significant health risks to both mother and child.

The Duke’s account has drawn skepticism and comparisons to a scene from the hit BBC sitcom ‘Only Fools and Horses’, where a similar gas sniffing incident occurs during labour.

Many online commentators have cast doubt on the authenticity of Harry and Meghan’s claims, and their alleged tendency to fabricate stories has led to further scrutiny.

Amid the controversies surrounding their various accounts, some have questioned the silence surrounding Meghan’s pregnancies, suggesting her experiences haven’t been as candid and authentic as one might expect.

The story of gas inhalation, in particular, has been deemed implausible and raises concerns about the accuracy of the couple’s accounts.

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