‘Nothing to Do for You!’

Meghan Markle arrived in Germany with a beaming smile and reunited with her husband Prince Harry at the Invictus Games after flying from Los Angeles. The Duchess of Sussex was captured in photos wearing oversized black sunglasses and a patterned scarf while sitting in the back of a luxury Range Rover.

His trip involved an overnight flight from Los Angeles to Heathrow and a brief stopover in the United Kingdom before taking a connecting British Airways flight to Dusseldorf. However, there has been speculation that Meghan’s presence could overshadow the Duke and distract from his event. Some expressed concern that his arrival could disrupt Harry’s birthday celebration.

It was his first transatlantic trip since attending the Queen’s funeral in London last September, and it coincided with Harry’s 39th birthday.

Upon arrival in Germany, Meghan was taken from the VIP terminal to the five-star Hyatt Regency hotel, where she would join Harry. She was accompanied by her bodyguard, sitting in the front seat of the vehicle. After a 20-minute drive from the airport, the couple entered an underground hotel parking lot. The Duchess moved into the presidential suite with Harry.

The couple attended a private reception for friends and families of competitors from the 21 participating countries. Although details of the event have not been disclosed, it is expected to be very informal and inclusive, with the participation of children. The guests are all part of the British Invicta family, and many of them flew together on an RAF flight from Birmingham.

Meanwhile, severe weather warnings have been issued in Düsseldorf, with heavy rain and thunderstorms expected in the evening. Organizers have advised people to avoid outdoor areas at Invictus Games Park.

Harry, a keen supporter of Team GB, engaged with competitors and their families, posing for numerous selfies and interacting with young children at the event. Friends and families from other countries were also invited to the reception.

The event was described as casual and not a formal sit-down meal. The location was kept secret and the competitors’ relatives were transported to the location on a fleet of coaches.

Harry threw a wheelchair basketball match between the British and Ukrainian teams, joined by his friend JJ Chalmers, a former Marine who was seriously injured in a bomb blast in 2011. He also had lively conversations with Beth Hurley, a former program coordinator who worked with the Royal Foundation.

After watching the indoor rowing event, Harry returned to his hotel to await Meghan’s arrival, surprising competitors by making another marquee appearance for Minglin.

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