No Kids to Meet at Thanksgiving in Montecito

While attending Variety’s Power of Women event in Los Angeles, Meghan was approached by a curious reporter who asked her what her favorite holiday tradition was. Meghan replied: “It’s a pending investigation.” According to her, “Although our children are still young, we savor every moment.” The tone of Meghan’s response seemed to be that of a devoted mother. However, his response was the subject of criticism from some people who considered it impersonal and lacking the usual sensitivity inherent in dialogues concerning children.

Meghan’s distinct unpreparedness to respond to the investigation further compounded the criticism and cast doubt on her reliability as a parent. Meghan’s departure from the standard practice of parents disclosing detailed information about their children, such as their identities or vacation plans, drew censure. In addition to sparking further criticism and casting doubt on her parental status, the ambiguous and symbolic quality of the phrase “our little ones are little” contributed to the discourse. Some people inferred Meghan’s discomfort and avoidance of about his children based on an interpretation of his non-verbal signals.

The assessment indicated that Meghan could potentially experience irritation when faced with demands regarding her children, potentially seeking special attention and challenging the idea that she is characterized exclusively by her role as a mother.

Meghan and Harry’s decision to travel and participate in activities such as attending hockey games in Canada and dining at Asian restaurants, rather than spending time preparing for one of the most anticipated vacations in the United States with their children, was also subject to scrutiny by some critics. This has led to speculation that their failure to attend the Thanksgiving meal might indicate parental neglect or the non-existence of the children. Additionally, accusations have circulated that the couple misled the public by employing manipulated or rented children in various photographs.

It should be noted, however, that neither the Markle family nor the British royal family have ever had the privilege of meeting Meghan’s children in person. Meghan, before becoming a member of the royal family in 2016, had expressed her admiration for the American holiday and even posted photos of it on her social media accounts. She then deactivated these accounts. She proudly captioned one of her posts: “At this time, I had meticulously prepared an exceptionally well-prepared Thanksgiving turkey. Is it possible to conduct the activity again?”

Meghan gave an exclusive insight into her family’s Thanksgiving customs on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in 2021, amid growing pressure. She revealed that they usually spend the day preparing meals and relaxing at home. Additionally, Meghan expressed her fondness for fine dining and revealed that she and her partner celebrated their second Thanksgiving together in California, where they donated meals to poor women at the Downtown Women’s Center. This demonstrates their dedication to philanthropic efforts.

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