Nanny Exposes Meghan’s Involvement with BackGrid for Harry & Lilibet’s July 4th Parade Photos

Prince Harry was pictured celebrating on July 4 near his home in Montecito, accompanied by his daughter, Lilibet. Coincidentally, this day also marked the Scottish coronation of King Charles.

Footage obtained by Page Six shows Prince Harry donning a green shirt, jeans, baseball cap and sunglasses while carrying baby Lilibet in his arms. Lilibet was dressed in a patterned blue dress, white socks and red shoes, reminiscent of the outfit worn by Princess Charlotte in a photo with the Queen.

It looks like Meghan is trying to mimic what she perceives as how a British royal child should dress for an American holiday.

Interestingly, during the wedding, Meghan did not allow Charlotte to wear tights, but now that they are back in the States, she insists on dressing her daughter in more regal ways, including knee-high socks despite the heat of Los Angeles.

According to Page Six, Harry’s wife, Meghan, and their eldest child, Archie, were also present at the parade. However, it is important to note that in California, it is illegal to capture unauthorized photographs of children without parental consent.

In this case, Harry and Meghan would have approved the photos. A famous source claimed the Sussexes wanted these photos taken; otherwise they would not have been captured. The source further explained that on outings with the kids, the family is accompanied by three to four security guards who usually tell people not to take pictures and respect their family time.

The lack of visible security personnel in the photos raises questions about their presence or possible financial constraints that day.

This situation highlights Meghan’s apparent anxiety as she uses the “child card” to distract from perceived failures. The Page Six article titled ‘Lilibet: An American Princess’ reflects the ironic contradiction of the Sussexes insisting on maintaining their royal titles as their children’s rare public appearances revolve around an American celebration.

The Daily Mail cover humorously underscores the irony, highlighting how a British prince taking part in a 4th of July parade is something Prince William would never do. It’s possible the Sussexes seized the opportunity to be accidentally photographed in public while simultaneously protesting intrusions into their family time, while aiming for front-page coverage.

Regarding their choice of media, it is suggested that Harry and Meghan prefer to work with BackGrid as they receive a more favorable financial arrangement. Additionally, news publications pay for images based on usage time.

The Sussexes’ willingness to allow BackGrid to sell photos showing their children’s unmasked faces indicates a level of desperation. However, it should be noted that Harry could have insisted that the photos not be published without blurring the children’s faces if he wished.

The situation raises eyebrows over a British prince’s participation in a 4th of July parade and leads to speculation that their accidental public appearance was an excuse to be photographed while simultaneously claiming intrusion into their family time, into the hoping to get front-page coverage.

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