Miley Cyrus Fixes Live TV Wardrobe Malfunction With Quick Change

Miley Cyrus almost wore a more appropriate costume for the New Year’s baby.

During her New Year’s Eve live TV show in Miami, the singer shed her skimpy blouse as she strutted onstage at the start of the song “Party in the USA.” Realizing she was about to see more than the ball drop, she turned and headed backstage. her while she was playing her band.

She returned wearing a red jacket that she had previously worn on the show. “Everyone is definitely looking at me right now,” Cyrus said, adding, “I’m still wearing most of the clothes I’ve ever worn on stage.”

Later in the show, co-host Pete Davidson thought it was fair that he also showed a glimpse of her nipple, lifting her shirt to reveal her orb.

The night had already posed several production challenges, as transportation issues and the continued scourge of Covid-19 had caused a few cancellations. Cyrus acknowledged this in his closing remarks.

“Thank you very much everyone, thank you. Tonight’s show was all about being flexible, rolling with the punches, and making the best of the worst circumstances. And that resilience shouldn’t stop there. Let’s bring that into the new year with us,” Cyrus said at the end of the show. “We’ve all learned to expect the unexpected and instead of seeing it as a problem, let’s see it as an opportunity. Wishing everyone here in Miami and everyone watching from home a Happy New Year 2022. Thank you for making tonight possible. You really were all I needed to throw the best party.”

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