Michelle Micek and Torre Liebchen – Actors in Kitchen Crime Scene Wikipedia

Meet the Crime Scene Kitchen Team Season 2: A Look Inside the Details by Michelle Meek and Tora Liebsen Wikipedia.

The second season of Crime Scene Kitchen, which will air on Fox, is set to premiere on Monday, May 22, 2023 at 8:00 PM ET/PT.

This highly anticipated season will feature 12 new teams of bakers competing in an exciting culinary competition.

Among the cast members are Michelle Meek and Tora Livchen, who will bring their unique skills and talent to the show.

The competition will feature six teams of classically trained bakers and six teams of self-taught bakers, all vying for the coveted grand prize of $100,000.

The talented Joel McHale guides the contestants and adds his wit and charm to the show as host.

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Michel Micek and Torre Liebchen – actors in a kitchen crime scene Wikipedia

Michelle Meek and Tora Libshan, a lovely couple, are scheduled to performCrime Scene Kitchen Season 2.

Michelle is the owner of the bakery Wish Upon a Pastry was established. She quits her job at a restaurant due to the too long working hours and starts her own company with her husband.

She said that, she worked dedicatedly at the restaurant for a decade. Micek said she needed more personal and professional growth in her previous role.

After reaching the peak of her career and experiencing a plateau, she realized that there were no further opportunities to advance. It felt like an endless cycle of chasing the tail, which made her seek new horizons.

Michelle Meek and Tora Libshan, a lovely couple, are set to appear in Season 2 of Crime Scene Kitchen (source: Daily Voice)

When talking about Tora Livchan, he was born into a family immersed in the restaurant industry; He learned from an early age the resilience required to thrive in this demanding business.

The work ethic instilled by his parents runs deep within him, and his unwavering focus pushes him to be the best every moment of every day.

He was drawn to this challenging, exciting and sometimes chaotic world of the culinary field. This is where he feels he was meant to be and simply has to be.

After graduating from Monmouth University in May 2010, he immediately began working in the industry. His journey began as part of the opening team at an Italian restaurant in Montclair, New Jersey.

There, he honed his skills creating authentic Neapolitan dough and wood-fired pizza and making fresh mozzarella daily.

Currently, both the couple Michelle Micek and Tora Liebchen earn a good income from the company Wish Upon Pastry.

Michelle Meek and Tora Livchen: A look into their married life

Michelle Meek and Tora Livchen tied the knot on August 20, 2022 in Kissimmee, Florida.

They are the proud owners of a cookie company called Wish Upon a Pastry in Midland Park.

In 2019, they launched Wish Upon a Cookie and also got engaged to be married, taking a “huge leap forward” in their personal and professional lives.

Their hard work and dedication paid off as Wish Upon a Cookie gained popularity, and their business flourished.

Michel Michak and Tora Livchan
Michelle Meek and Tora Livchen tied the knot on August 20, 2022 in Kissimmee, Florida (Source: Dustinj)

Now, their dreams are coming true with the upcoming launch of their storefront.

Wish Upon a Pastry, a boutique bakery specializing in personalized cookies, cakes and a range of delectable sweets, will officially open its doors for business at 26 Goffle Road, Suite 6, Midland Park.

This marks a significant milestone for Michelle Meek and Tora Livshan as they continue to pursue their passion and bring joy to customers with their delightful creations.

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