Melania Trump’s powerful message when wearing her coat as a cape

We break down the reasons why the first lady never wears her coat sleeves. What message does Melania want to send to the world with this common fashion gesture?

If you love fashion, the trend of wearing “off the shoulder” coats is surely not unknown to you. It consists of putting on coats as if they were capes, a usual chic gesture among fashionistas that in 2016 “Vogue” renamed it referring to look 8 from the Demna Gvasalia fashion show, which consisted of an anorak specially designed to be worn as if they were a cape. “The contrast of wearing normal outerwear like an exotic coat was a really modern touch and the moment the art of shrobing was born,” the post wrote.

In fact, shrobing is media art when paired with Meghan Markle, who attended the Commonwealth Youth Forum reception in a striped Altuzarra dress, which she paired with a Camilla and Marc blazer draped over her shoulders. When Meghan does, the Duchess becomes a fashion icon, but when it’s Melania who sets the trend, social media is quick to criticize her. “Does he think he’s Batman?” is one of the usual jokes that accompany his public appearances.

What is the message of the cape that dresses it?

This weekend, Melania toured Ohio in a Michael Kors skirt, Saint Laurent shirt and off-the-shoulder Kors jacket. Melania’s formula has been repeated once more, but why does she never wear her coats on a regular basis? One of the few times Melania used the sleeves of her jacket in a normal way was precisely when she wore the infamous Zara parka that made her one of the most hated women on the planet. . Maybe she did it because then her jacket was already charged with sending the message she had in mind and she showed that when the time came she really didn’t care.

Putting on coats “over the shoulders” is neither easy nor comfortable. It is a trend that limits movement and relieves the wearer of any effort. It indicates that the wearer of the coat is someone who does not take the metro – it is impossible to hold on to the bar without the coat falling off or someone pushing you and your Delpozo coat not ending up on the floor . Moreover, we are aware that if we had a Delpozo, we would not go by metro, but rather someone we take everywhere.

Anna Wintour thus wears her coats and leaves the cars in which they take her to the parades showing off snorts, showing that her mission these days is to sit down to watch the parades without having to move her arms. Oh, a side note now that we’re talking fashion weeks. After publishing an article in ‘The Guardian’ in 2012 discussing the art of shoulder-robing, ‘BuzzFeed’ explained that in September, fashionistas want to show off their new coats, but as temperatures remain high during this month period, they put them on their shoulders to show them.

Melania presents the image of a woman who is distant and incapable of undertaking the slightest task, especially since she does not really need it. Particularly noteworthy were photos of her allegedly adorning her Christmas tree with the $3,000 Calvin Klein coat draped over her shoulders. For starters, don’t the Trumps pay the gas bill and have to walk around the house in a coat? To continue, she tries to put the shooting star on the tree with a coat as a cape and tells us where the coat ends.

Another notable occasion was when she uploaded a photo of herself to the networks in which Melania was wearing a pink coat in such a way that she seemed to have different arms because she hadn’t put it on, again. times, correctly. The lights in the picture and the way she put on her coat made her look like an alien.

Melania Trump's powerful message when she wears her coat as a cape

Wearing the coat as a cape, however, worked in her favor as she prepared to board her private plane with her husband for a trip to Ohio. When Donald Trump tried to shake her hand she found an empty sleeve, so on that occasion her ‘bare shoulders’ coat helped her not shake her husband’s hand, avoiding that public rejection that ‘she did not hesitate to do on more than one occasion. Is this way of wearing his jackets his anti-Trump armor?

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