Meghan Markle’s Unintentional Disclosure Unveils Compelling Evidence of Fabricated Lili, Elevating the Scale of Deception

As Meghan’s web of lies continues to expand to unprecedented, almost inconceivable heights, Baby Lilibet is being born. Remember the bizarre story the Sussexes’ PR team peddled during the jubilee year? They insisted that Lilibet had been introduced to both the Queen and Prince Charles. I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but everything you’ve heard is a lie.

Lilibet has never seen a single member of the royal family. In fact, I don’t think anyone actually introduced Archie. That one image of newborn Archie with the Queen and Prince Philip? Clearly retouched photos.

Now let’s talk about that elusive birthday party that never happened. Meghan and Harry concocted a story that the royal family didn’t attend Lilibet’s birthday party over the Queen’s Golden Jubilee weekend because it simply didn’t happen. Each member of the royal family was overwhelmed with official commitments, far from what we call partying. Meghan and Harry orchestrated it this way to weave yet another web of lies.

And do you remember the claim that the Queen was playing on the floor with Lilibet? Ridiculous. Why on earth would a 90 year old woman, battling bone cancer and in immense pain, get down on the floor to play with a 1 year old? Meghan and Harry’s fantasies know no bounds, but here’s the burning question: why all the secrecy?

Yes, parents have a right to their children’s privacy, but the level of mystery that Meghan and Harry have woven around their children is confusing. We are given these tantalizing glimpses: the back of a head, a single foot. What’s the point? Show them to children or keep them out of public view. It’s the manipulation game they play with the media and the public that is truly infuriating.

Now, prepare yourself for the jaw-dropping reveal. Meghan and Harry have the audacity to demand privacy while still craving the spotlight. Their contradictory behavior knows no bounds, as they perpetually seek more attention while hiding their children from the world.

Let’s not forget the inconsistencies, such as their private plane to the Jubilee service being devoid of any trace of child paraphernalia, as confirmed by airport employees. If the children were actually there, we would have seen evidence. But there isn’t because, it seems, these children only exist in Meghan and Harry’s imagination.

So here’s the bottom line: the saga of the invisible children must end. The Queen, Charles and the entire royal family have never met Lilibet or Archie because they probably don’t even exist. Meghan and Harry continue to tell this fantastical tale, but we don’t believe it. It is high time for them to prove the existence of their children or stop telling these elaborate stories.


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