Meghan Markle’s Publisher Halts Memoir Publication Over Personal Attacks on Kate Crossing Boundaries

As they’ve been known for a while, Meghan Markle and Harry are no strangers to shaking things up. But now shocking news has emerged: Meghan has reportedly been told not to include Catherine in her memoir.

Now let’s set the scene. Harry and Meghan are well known for their love of controversy and for their role as victims of the royal family. Their choice to resign from their royal responsibilities while retaining their titles and identity and denouncing the institution is a real balancing act. But what’s even more astonishing is Meghan’s boldness in considering writing about Catherine in her memoir.

The idea of ​​Meghan including Catherine in her memoir is not only shocking but also confusing. One has to wonder what she hopes to achieve by drawing the Duchess into the story. Meghan, known for her strong PR game and association with WME, must surely understand the implications of such a move. Yet here she is, planning to target Catherine.

But you also have to think about logistics. Meghan’s memoir is still in its early stages and Harry’s own memoir took two years to come to fruition. Meghan’s recent announcement about her book leaves little time for the project. It is very unlikely that Meghan will write the book herself, so we can assume that she will work with a ghostwriter. Rushing such a project with a tight schedule can lead to unintended consequences.

Let’s not forget royal biographer Tom Bower who predicted Meghan would eventually write her own autobiography. While such a move would undoubtedly be extremely lucrative, it is crucial to consider the consequences. If Meghan published a memoir, it would surely sell. In an interview, Angela Levin expressed her concerns, saying this could be a mistake, and I have to agree. Meghan, when writing her memoir, needs to think about her own brand.

The numbers speak for themselves. When we compare public perceptions of Catherine and Meghan, the contrast is stark. 73% of those surveyed have a positive opinion of Catherine, the Duchess, while only 21% have a positive opinion of Meghan. These numbers clearly show that Meghan is punching above her weight.

It is essential to recognize the power of public perception. Meghan needs to tread carefully. Going after someone like Catherine when her own approval ratings are significantly behind can be risky. In this age of misinformation, Meghan needs to tread carefully, as going after Catherine could backfire on her, especially given her constant drama and controversies.

Now back to the central question: why on earth would Meghan even consider mentioning Catherine in her memoir? It’s a decision that appears to lack logical reasoning.


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