Meghan Markle’s Paid Royal Staff Deceived Queen about Frogmore’s Archi3, Leaves Her Shaken

And the children of Harry and Meghan? According to a reliable source close to a carer employed by Meghan, she was flown from California, US, UK and brought to Frogmore to care for Archie. However, it turns out there was no need for his services as Harry and Meghan have no children residing there.

Observing the exterior of their house in photographs, one can notice the absence of typical children’s amenities such as toys, swings or children’s books. In addition, during their travels, children are not seen accompanying them. This begs the question: what kind of parents don’t take their children to meet or visit loved ones?

Interestingly, the nanny was paid to keep quiet about this matter. Additionally, palace staff who served Meghan during the Sussexes’ stay at Frogmore were also silenced with monetary compensation to deceive the rest of the family, including the Queen. Eventually, these staff members were fired, like the previous nannies.

Some staff members have apparently spotted some peculiarities, such as the presence of moon bumps on the floor of the cottage and even in Meghan’s bedroom. These bumps seemed to move from side to side, deflating and swelling, accompanied by an audible popping sound. A video has surfaced showing Meghan waving at dogs during a royal visit, in which her bump appeared to be square-shaped. Additionally, a bump reportedly fell in her knees and she left a bump in a hotel while attending a party with Marcus Anderson in New York during her baby shower.

Also, some claim that no one in the UK has seen the OB doctor who is said to have delivered Lily, Meghan’s second child. Inquiries into the doctor’s sudden departure from the practice earlier this year have raised suspicions. Some Megan truthers argue that Archie and Lily might not exist at all, suggesting the Sussexes could use lifelike dolls. However, it should be noted that even if Harry and Meghan did include footage of Archie and Lily in their Netflix docu-series, such visual evidence would not circumvent scrutiny during Palace inquiries.

During a polo match, while Megan was holding Archie, Lewis, a spectator, expressed a desire to see the baby. In a typical scenario, one would stoop to the level of the child to respond to such a request. However, Megan did not comply, sparking speculation about the authenticity of the baby she was carrying. Critics argue that Megan’s clumsiness in handling the baby and her lack of maternal instincts are evident. Even first-time mothers with no previous experience usually adapt quickly, but Megan’s behavior suggests she may not be used to holding a baby.

These ongoing debates and various claims persist, with some suggesting that Megan’s pregnancies were faked or carried by surrogate mothers. Samantha Markle, Megan’s half-sister, backed the idea that Megan faked both of her pregnancies. Either way, the truth remains the truth, and even if Harry and Meghan were to feature footage of Archie and Lily in their Netflix docuseries, it wouldn’t escape the scrutiny of Palace investigations.

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