Meghan Markle’s New Project Doomed by Appalling Popularity Drop

Megan Markle’s most recent project appears to be in serious trouble. She has seen a noticeable drop in her popularity even though she hasn’t even started her new business. Given the enthusiasm generated by his project, this rejection is rather embarrassing.

According to a statement by Oscar Wilde, “There is only one thing in the world worse than talking about it, and not talking about it.” The Duke and Duchess of Hypocrisy, Harry and Megan Markle, seem to demonstrate Wilde’s point. They were reportedly photographed last week on the small island of Canouan in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, marking their second opulent getaway in less than a month after spending time at a Portuguese resort.

The question arises: why would they take these trips when they apparently can’t stand each other? It’s likely they were looking to grab headlines themselves, but their plan doesn’t seem to have worked. The media paid little attention this time around, a far cry from the frenzy of August 2019, when Fleet Street criticized Harry for his travel habits while preaching about the climate crisis.

So what’s the problem with the Monteo Malon tandem? New polling data from UGV US, reported by Newsweek, reveals a decline in Megan’s popularity in the United States. His support has dropped significantly, adding to signs that Megan and Harry’s careers may be in decline. Despite the upcoming launch of Megan’s website and Megan’s elusive Instagram account, there is yet no sign of the promised reinvention.

The figures show that Megan’s favorability dropped by seven points between May and September. In May and June, 40% of Americans had a positive opinion of her, while 23% had a negative opinion, resulting in an overall positive net view of 17. However, the latest data shows that only 32% of Respondents like Megan, while 22% dislike her, giving a net approval rating of just 10. In contrast, Harry’s popularity has remained relatively stable.

Megan and Harry’s increased public visibility over the summer, as well as Megan’s efforts to rehabilitate her image, appear to have had a negative effect on her favorability. Their brand promotion did not yield the expected results.

While we’ve heard plenty of rumors about Megan’s next project, and while expectations were high for something exciting, we still have no idea what it entails. As for Harry, his career prospects don’t seem any brighter. Despite rumors of other books and a possible documentary on Africa, it is not certain that these projects can turn the situation around.

With their $20 million Spotify deal ending, their Netflix projects shrouded in doubt, and largely ignored by Emmy voters, Brand Sussex’s future appears uncertain. Megan’s ambition might not be enough to make up for her perceived lack of talent. In the weeks and months to come, we’ll see if Megan and Harry can indeed turn things around.

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