Meghan Markle’s Knowledge of Harry and William’s Serious Conflict

Meghan Markle had a keen sense of the underlying disagreements between Prince Harry and Prince William from the start, according to an expert.

Body language expert Judi James noticed Meghan’s face-covering gesture for the first time at the Royal Foundation, after the Duchess sensed something was seriously wrong.

In an interview with, Judi James draws parallels between footage from Charles and Diana’s engagement interview and the current situation.

She points out that both cases have powerful body language signs pointing to future relationship conflict and tension.

In Charles and Diana’s case, it was the infamous “All that love means” statement that cast a shadow over their pre-wedding marriage.

Similarly, during the launch of the “fab four”, when the two couples were asked about possible disagreements, their spontaneous and embarrassed body language hinted at clashes and conflicts existing under their calm smiles.

Judi later observes that Meghan appeared somewhat out of place during the event. She explains that William and Kate’s speech had a traditional royal quality, characterized by a slow pace, low energy and modest references to respected experts. Their attitude was cautious and careful, as opposed to hasty or hasty. However, Harry’s body language already hinted at a problem.

As Meghan sat politely, listening and smiling encouragingly at the Cambridges without making any overt movements (as an actress she probably understood the etiquette of not upstage), Harry looked profoundly sulky. His hands clasped in a fig leaf pose and his downcast gaze reflected a lack of active listening and tuning.

Discussing Meghan’s confidence in more detail, Judi notes that she exuded a strong sense of self-assurance, passion, impatience for change and vast experience. Meghan took the conversation to a global level drawing on her wide range of experiences, including her work with CEOs around the world.

Judi points out that Meghan’s thumbs have curled into a “cocked” position, suggesting confidence and enthusiasm. However, there were also subtle cues related to the touch of hair, simultaneously conveying self-awareness, shyness and a desire to hide, according to Judi’s observations.

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