Meghan Markle’s Disney Story: Bigger Than Harry’s Book

Meghan Markle’s memoir is set to create a ‘more popular memoir’ that’s ‘pure Disney’

Experts believe Meghan Markle plans to create a “pure Disney” memoir that should become an even bigger hit than Prince Harry’s.

This claim was brought to light by literary agent Peter Cox of Litopia.

The confession in question was unearthed by Express UK.

He warned, “[A biography by the Duchess] will be a huge editorial success. Probably bigger than Harry’s book.

“Not necessarily in the UK, because people don’t like it here. But in America, it’ll sell like hotcakes, provided she finds a ghostwriter as good as Harry’s.

“Because her story is a classic fairy tale and Americans love fairy tales.”

Mr Cox also went on to say, “From humble beginnings and a broken home, Meghan has risen to find true love with – literally – the prince of her dreams. It’s pure Disney.

“But then she doesn’t just meet a mean stepmother – the whole family hates her!” The power of the British establishment is determined to separate them. But… true love triumphs over everything!

Before concluding, he also added: “It’s the pitch of Hollywood, and it will sell millions of books and most likely a Netflix series too. If Meghan accepts good professional advice, that’s how the fable will be. marketing.

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