Meghan Markle’s Absence from LA Concert Exposed by Kevin Costner: No Photo Evidence

Amid his ongoing divorce from ex-wife Christine Baumgartner, Oscar winner Kevin Costner enjoyed a moment of respite in the courtroom as he transformed into Swifty.

The veteran actor, 68, was captured enjoying a special father-daughter outing with his youngest, 13-year-old Grace Avery. Their destination: the Taylor Swift concert at the dynamic Sofi Stadium in Inglewood, Los Angeles.

While the quality of the videos he shared might have been a bit blurry, the sentiment was crystal clear. Costner expressed his admiration and joy at witnessing the artistry of Swift, who had the remarkable ability to unite a multitude of people.

Her Instagram post featured a series of snippets and clips from the concert, showcasing not only the mesmerizing performance, but also her unflinching enthusiasm.

With an unobstructed view of Swift’s band, Costner couldn’t help but be swept away by the energetic atmosphere. The evening left an indelible mark on him, leading him to unofficially declare himself Swifty.

Amid the concert buzz, a question about Meghan Markle’s attendance emerged. When questioned by a reporter, Costner claimed he had not seen her at the concert. Notably, Markle, the former “Suits” actress, reportedly attended one of Swift’s shows at Sofi Stadium on the pop star’s fifth night. Accompanied by her friend Lucy Fraser, Markle was seen enthusiastically waving her hands and singing along to Swift’s hits.

Some critics have speculated that Markle’s PR team may be involved in media reports about her supposed attendance at Taylor Swift’s concert. A video featuring numerous celebrities at the concert has been circulated, intending to challenge the accuracy of reports of Markle’s attendance.

Notably, other celebrities like Kristen Bell, Gigi Hadid, Mindy Kaling, Blake Lively, Selena Gomez and Channing Tatum were photographed at the event, while no photos of Meghan Markle surfaced. A friend of Markle’s, Gayle King, claimed to have seen her at the concert, but doubts have arisen in some circles.

Cynics wondered if Markle’s appearance was an attempt to shine the spotlight on her, but her efforts paled in comparison to Swift’s magnetic stage presence. Despite any controversy or speculation, the concert remained an exciting time for everyone involved, with Costner’s own joyful experience adding to the vibrant tapestry of the event.

Costner’s presence at the Taylor Swift concert joins a growing list of celebrities who graced the sold-out “Eras” tour, which kicked off March 17 in Arizona. The eclectic mix of contestants, including Paula Abdul, Josh Gad, Vince Vaughn, Mark Zuckerberg and Julia Roberts, all testify to the magnetic pull of Swift’s performances.

Just as Swift has mastered the art of captivating audiences, Costner is no stranger to the world of entertainment. As the frontman of Kevin Costner & Modern West since 2007, he knows firsthand what it takes to put on a compelling show. The group, renowned for their musical prowess, released a concept album called “Tales from Yellowstone” in 2020. This project, inspired by Costner’s character John Dutton from the hit television series “Yellowstone”, offered a unique perspective that resonated with fans.

As Costner revels in his new status as Swifty and reflects on the third anniversary of “Tales from Yellowstone,” he can’t wait to reunite with his band for more musical endeavours. In a world where celebrity attendance and performance intertwine, Costner’s experience at the Taylor Swift concert adds yet another intriguing layer to the unfolding narrative.

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