Meghan Markle Writing ‘Disney’ Memoir Bigger Than Harry’s Book

Literary agent Peter Cox of Litopia says Meghan Markle’s next memoir is set to be a “pure Disney” story that could potentially surpass the success of her husband Prince Harry’s memoir.

Express UK reported on Cox’s predictions, stating that he believed the book would be a “huge publishing success”, particularly in America where fairy tales are hugely popular. However, he added that finding a good ghostwriter is crucial to the success of the book.

Cox pointed out that Markle’s story is a classic fairy tale, where she rises from humble beginnings and a broken home to find true love with a prince, only to encounter opposition from the wicked stepmother. (in this case, the British establishment). Nevertheless, true love triumphs over everything in the end.

Cox went on to say that this Hollywood-style pitch could potentially result in millions in book sales and even a Netflix series if Markle accepts some good professional advice.

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