Meghan Markle Takes a Page from Jada Smith’s Book, Announcing Sussexes’ Separation with a Familiar Strategy

Meghan Markle seems to be employing a strategy reminiscent of that of Jada Pinkett Smith in announcing the separation of the Sussexes. Jada Pinkett Smith recently found herself in the spotlight to promote her memoir, provocatively titled “Worthy.”

In a candid interview with NBC’s Hoda Kotb, Jada dove into her own truth, addressing various aspects of her life and marriage. She revealed that her marriage to Will Smith has been mostly over since 2016, although they continued to present a united front by attending events together and not officially divorcing.

Jada explained that they didn’t divorce because they were still figuring out how to navigate their partnership and present it to the public. This approach seems similar to Meghan Markle’s strategy in her relationship with Prince Harry. They seem to get personal and share insider information to influence what appears in the media.

If Prince Harry was quite transparent about this in his book and during interviews promoting it, Meghan Markle was not as direct. However, it is obvious to many observers. Some believe Will Smith is staying with Jada due to fears of potential blackmail if he pursues a divorce. Jada’s stance to stay there “forever” despite the split could be motivated by a promise of marriage, much like Meghan’s approach to Harry.

There are even rumors that Meghan Markle intends to form a friendship with Jada Pinkett Smith, since she has contacted Jada on several occasions. However, Meghan might not fare on Jada’s show, “Red Table Talk,” which features unscripted discussions, and Jada doesn’t easily hide her annoyance. Meghan’s intentions may be more to be seen kissing celebrities, especially those of color, in a way that favors them.

However, true friendship doesn’t seem to be the main goal. Jada likely views Meghan as of little use, especially given Meghan’s business relationship with Oprah and her relatively casual acquaintance with Serena Williams, both of which have been exploited for publicity purposes.

Meghan’s importance lies primarily in her association with Prince Harry, as her own career prospects are limited. Even if she were to divorce and write a book, any resulting interest and profit would likely be short-lived. Meghan has no substantial career to revive and her influence depends largely on her role as Harry’s wife, which is more valuable to her than a possible divorce.

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