Meghan Markle Shocked as Prince Harry Asks Netflix to Remove Her from Invictus Games Doc: ‘HOW DARE YOU!

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s exclusive deal with Netflix to produce original movies and TV content has met with some setbacks.

Despite their company, Archewell Audio, creating two Netflix original series, recent reports reveal that two of their shows were rejected outright. Sources close to their work suggest they are growing increasingly concerned about the progress of their $100 million deal with the streaming platform.

Initially, when they teamed up with Netflix, their first project was supposed to be “Heart of Invictus”, a competition-focused series for injured servicemen.

However, it appears Prince Harry has asked Netflix to remove all footage of Meghan from the Invictus Games documentary, indicating his decision to focus on his solo career.

Rumors have swirled on social media about the project being cancelled, with some blaming it on alleged requests from Meghan, suggesting she made it a personal fashion show instead of showcasing veterans.

Despite the controversies surrounding them, the couple are set to collaborate on another Netflix project, documenting their visits to communities in South Africa and highlighting their humanitarian efforts and community building initiatives. Meghan Markle’s involvement in this project aims to raise awareness of self-birthing practices.

In recent years, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have faced criticism and scrutiny, particularly after Oprah Winfrey’s tell-all interview in 2021. Recently, Harry’s relationship with his family has been strained, with some claiming the couple have gone too far in their actions against the Royals. Their deals with Spotify and Netflix have also faced challenges, with Spotify calling them “crooks” and retracting their $20 million deal.

As public opinion towards them wavers, the couple seem to be navigating difficult ground. Former Princess Diana butler Paul Burrell openly criticized them, saying they misunderstood what was expected of them in their deals with major streaming companies.

Despite this, the question remains: how will their journey unfold and what will be the end result of their strained relationship with the royal family?

While Meghan has kept a low profile this year, some believe she may realize the consequences of certain actions and struggle to find a way out of controversies. The perception of their brand has changed and the public sentiment towards them seems to be increasingly negative. The future of their businesses with Netflix and other platforms hangs in the balance as they attempt to navigate the complexities of public perception.”

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