Meghan Markle & Prince Harry Slammed for Attempting to Overshadow the King Once Again!

The Sussexes’ behavior can be described as highly inappropriate and they are subject to harsh criticism for constantly trying to distract the king’s attention when actual members of the royal family are engaged in important activities. Meghan and Harry, as expected, are constantly seeking media attention. Currently, the hypocrisy of the Duke and Duchess has become monotonous. They have a high degree of predictability.

Consider the following: Every time a member of the royal family, particularly King Charles or Prince William, accomplishes a significant feat that garners positive attention, Meghan and Harry routinely feel compelled to engage in activities aimed at diverting our attention. Sometimes the content consists of a manipulated image, while other times it is a flattering article. However, they are not willing to passively allow Harry’s family to benefit exclusively from positive media coverage. They must also enter it.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were criticized for poor timing when they publicly commented on King Charles on the same day he gave his first speech as king in over 70 years, as reported by the Daily Mail. Earlier, we reported that Harry had no plans to attend his father’s birthday party. Now, we didn’t discuss whether Harry was invited or not. Naturally, no invitation was extended to him due to his family relationship with the host.

Despite his blatant actions and the insensitivity he showed towards his family, his father always made efforts to involve him. Concerning Meghan, it is uncertain. It’s likely she wasn’t invited, given that Harry attended his father’s coronation without Meghan. Therefore, it’s plausible that Harry chose not to invite her for her 75th birthday as well.

Just hours before Charles officially opened Parliament, Harry and Meghan claimed they had not received any communication from Buckingham Palace. The couple’s spokeswoman responded to a Sunday Times report that Harry had declined an invitation from his father to attend a party next week. The spokesperson said the information in the post was inaccurate.

Additionally, a close aide to Meghan and Harry suggested that the palace may have intentionally leaked the snobbery narrative to distract from the recent royal visit to Kenya, during which the monarch was confronted with demands for apologies regarding Great Britain. colonial history. According to royal experts, the tour to Kenya was considered very successful, but many consider the timing of Harry and Meghan’s visit to be particularly inappropriate.

This is a question that really bothers me about this horrible duo. Their methods are extremely deceptive and unscrupulous. They systematically instigate a potentially explosive situation, then disengage, seemingly determined to present themselves as victims. They seem oblivious to the fact that their actions present them as cowardly individuals. I highly doubt this is just a coincidence. They were aware of the king’s situation that day and therefore wanted to disrupt his plans, or at least attempt to do so. It’s a shame. The action was performed deliberately and deliberately.

Additionally, royal experts refute the claim that Meghan and Harry did not receive an invitation. They dismiss the idea that the party story was leaked as absurd and say Her Majesty has always expressed her desire to reconcile with Meghan and Harry, stressing that her door is always open to them. He said he was using the same strategy that his late mother, the Queen, would have adopted. The claim that the King and Queen’s visit to Kenya was unsuccessful is inaccurate. On the other hand, the event was a great success and the host warmly acknowledged his apology for Britain’s colonial history.

The idea that this story about the party serves as a distraction is simply unfounded, as they would happily emphasize the tour and, indeed, William’s visit to Singapore for his Earthshot Prize. Harry had the opportunity to reconcile with his father and brother during his recent visit to Europe for the Invictus Games, but he chose not to prioritize spending time with them. The responsibility lies entirely with him, and any assertion to the contrary is absurd.

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