Meghan Markle Plans Acting Comeback After Royal Feud

According to a royal expert, Meghan Markle could be making a comeback in the entertainment industry after her ongoing feud with the royal family ends.

The expert, Christopher Andersen, said in an interview with Fox News Digital that the Duchess of

Sussex could either return to acting or follow in Oprah Winfrey’s footsteps and become a talk show host.

Andersen expressed his belief that Markle would be well suited for a career in media, which could include producing, directing and even starting a magazine.

He also suggested that Markle’s recent signing with WME for representation indicated her interest in returning to the entertainment industry.

Andersen acknowledged that Markle has a significant following, and he believed that once the controversy surrounding her feud with the Royal Family died down, she could launch a successful talk show.

He praised Markle’s determination, saying she always managed to get what she wanted, and he didn’t think becoming the next Oprah was over the top.

Andersen also mentioned that Markle could resume her acting career, citing Princess Grace of Monaco, who rose to stardom as Grace Kelly and was planning a return to acting before her death.

Andersen believed Markle hadn’t given up on her dream of winning an Oscar, either on or off camera.

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