Meghan Markle Panics as Lady Colin Leaks Archie & Lili’s Adoption Records, Questioning Meghan’s Biological Motherhood

It seems Lady Colin Campbell, voice of reason amidst the chaos, has exposed a shocking reality regarding Meghan Markle’s claims about her children, Archie and Lilybet. With undeniable evidence and a discerning eye, Lady C raises questions that demand answers. Get ready, because the truth is indeed stranger than fiction.

Let’s talk about the recent news that Archie and Lilybet were denied entry to a school due to concerns about their birth and vaccination records provided by Meghan Markle. In California, where vaccination laws are strict, parents who refuse to vaccinate their children often resort to home schooling.

Celebrities and millionaires have ample opportunity to educate their children privately. However, Meghan seems to have cooked up a convoluted story. She allegedly told the school that Archie’s birth certificate had been sealed by the palace.

This assertion, however, falls flat in the face of California law, which mandates that all children be vaccinated before going to school, unless there are health problems. Meghan’s claim that the certificates are sealed raises suspicion, as this is not an adoption scenario where such records are sealed for privacy reasons.

Meghan must now provide birth certificates and legitimate medical records for Archie and Lilybet or opt to be home schooled. There are no other viable options unless she moves to a place where these records are not reviewed.

The complexities surrounding Archie and Lilybet’s birth certificates have us all baffled. The name changes and modifications have caused confusion. Lady Colin Campbell sheds light on this mystery, highlighting the alteration to the birth certificate which changed Meghan’s name from Rachel Meghan to HRH the Duchess.

This change happened just 11 days after Archie was born, a detail often overlooked but with significant implications. Meghan’s claims that the palace locked her birth certificates are refuted by public records.

The suggestion that a surrogate was used in Meghan’s pregnancies isn’t new, but the evidence is compelling. We find ourselves faced with a puzzle that keeps unraveling, a story that drags us into a maze of deception, leaving us to wonder what is real and what is fabricated.

The twists and turns are mind-boggling and the implications are profound. As we face these revelations, let us remember that truth is indeed stranger than fiction, and reality is far more complex than we could ever have imagined.

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