Meghan Markle, Noted Critic of Harry, Steps in to Defend Prince William Amidst Backlash

Angela Levin, renowned royal pundit and outspoken critic of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, has become an unexpected supporter of Prince William amid the recent backlash he has faced for missing out on the Women’s World Cup.

During an interview with Sky News, Angela Levin expressed her views, stressing that Prince William, the future king, is keen to avoid any semblance of hypocrisy, unlike his former brother Prince Harry. She pointed out that Prince Charles’ heir could not easily condemn Harry’s actions if he engaged in similar behavior, especially when it came to issues such as excessive oil consumption.

Angela also shared this view on her official Twitter account, ensuring her position is heard by a wider audience.

The controversy surrounding Prince William stemmed from his decision not to attend the Women’s World Cup final in Australia, where England’s Lionesses played against Spain. Instead, Prince William, who has served as chairman of the English Football Federation for almost two decades, chose to send a heartfelt video message with his daughter, Princess Charlotte, to send his best wishes to the team.

Eventually, Spain emerged victorious from the Women’s World Cup, claiming their first-ever league title with a 1-0 win over England in the final game.

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