Meghan Markle Mistaken for Prince Harry’s Staff by Waiter, Leading to Humiliation

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry seem to have different ideas when it comes to celebrating Harry’s upcoming 39th birthday. While Harry wants a big party, Meghan pleads for a more low-key affair at their Montecito home.

According to a close source, Meghan is concerned about the negative press they have received recently, including divorce rumors, and believes a lavish party could spark further criticism on social media and in the press.

Harry had initially suggested a stag party in Las Vegas or Mexico, but Meghan thinks it’s a risky move from a PR perspective. She suggested a quieter meeting at home or perhaps a fancy local lunch. Meghan herself hasn’t made a big deal about her recent birthday, so she doesn’t understand Harry’s desire for an extravagant celebration.

In a recent incident, Meghan faced an awkward situation at a restaurant in Dusseldorf when a waiter failed to acknowledge her presence. The waiter mistook her for an assistant and initially identified Prince Harry, but didn’t realize Meghan was right next to him. Despite the confusion, the couple enjoyed their evening at the restaurant and Harry received a birthday cake. The bill was paid by Prince Harry, who also left a substantial tip for the staff.

The atmosphere in the restaurant was relaxed and the couple enjoyed a variety of dishes, including schnitzels, pork knuckles, sausages, and roast and mash potatoes. Interestingly, Meghan focused on the salad and left most of the protein dishes intact, which caught the attention of onlookers. Harry’s warm interaction with the restaurant staff left a positive impression, and he even gave the restaurant owner a hug.

Overall, Meghan and Harry’s birthday plans appear to reflect their different approaches to public attention and celebrations. While Harry may want to let loose and enjoy a big party, Meghan appears to be more concerned about her public image amid ongoing rumors and scrutiny.

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